“My work is my praise.  Whether I’m painting a canvas or crafting special fabrics, the goal is not only to provide an aesthetically pleasing product, but to create something that stimulates or empowers your artistic self.”

Self-taught artist whose love for art goes as deep as my roots in Soul City (Manson, NC).  I currently live and create in Charlotte, NC.

My relationship with art began as a child, from my first abstract interaction of a disfigured woman colored various shades of blue with tons of emotion.  I was both inspired and fascinated by what people from my hometown would have considered a flawed image.  I loved how the artist created their own rules of what defined perfection and I wanted to do that too. 

Art allows me to write my story.  It is my way of communicating my perspective on the world to others.  My goal is to touch others the same way the abstract blue lady touched me.  My themes are inspired by strong emotions, such as activism, life’s challenges, family, nature and my faith.  Currently, I create with various mediums such as acrylics, oils on canvas, nature or anything that I feel will express the intensity the painting should portray.

  • Cover Art:  Beyond the Veil by Monica L. Sanders, MSA, CHRM, C.Min
  • Cover Art:  Color of my Rainbow, by Cheryl W. Siddiq
  • Eclectic Intelligence, “Eye Long 4 U”, 2007
  • A LOTT of Sista Love, “In Bloom” Art Exhibit, 2009
  • Magnolia Emporium, “A Celebration of Life and Art with Ingrid Long”, 2018